Momentum for regional cooperation Security in a new regional community
7 月 03

“Symbiosis” in this context means to understand and respect diversity in culture, civilization and religion, and to vitalize a region through interactions based on such diversity. Typical patterns of behavior among Asians are often characterized as follows: they emphasize consensus building, are sympathetic towards others’ situations and feelings, and are proud of economic achievements while not too enthusiastic about quick problem solving. Further characterizations are: they attach high value to family and blood kin; respect authority, communalism and cooperation that places social stability ahead of individual desires; and promote self-discipline, frugality, respect for State and honoring the elderly.

Given such Asian patterns of behavior and the oriental concept of “harmony,” Northeast Asia represents fertile ground in which to nurture the symbiosis based on diversity. By building a “symbiotic community” that encompasses diverse relationships between nature and humans, and between ethnic groups, regions and nations, we can envision a possible framework for a new system. And such a network based on symbiosis can become possible only through activities that emphasize interactions among people.

Northeast Asia is neither a closed region nor a closed community. Rather, it is expected to become one symbiotic community through the ideal of symbiosis and, furthermore, to extend the network to the Asia-Pacific and the world so that it becomes a symbiotic network region which is open to other regions

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