A twelve-point agenda
2 月 03

I recently joined the UNIDO Tokyo office as head of the investment forum hosted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) held in Hunchun, China. After joining the Forum at Hunchun, I visited Rajin Sonbong of North Korea located 80 kilometers from Hunchun in the Sea of ​​Japan. Although I visited Rajin Senbong for the first time in three years, noticeable changes were not seen in the state of the town or the country scenery. North Korean map Rajin Senbong in the mouth of the Tumen River in North Korea has a scenic landscape, a vast corn field spreading in the way to the Chinese border, suffering from hunger as reported on Japanese television There was no figure of Korea.

Although not to say all, it seems that the report of North Korea by many Japanese presses is lacking sense of the balance between light and dark secreted by the current North Korea. In fact, while facing the economic crisis and the food crisis, North Korea is advancing the development of the world’s most advanced technology called missiles and artificial satellites. Here I will touch on the appearance of North Korean bureaucracy that Japanese media does not draw to know the country of North Korea.
● Meet me for forgetting my seven years
A 30-year-old gentleman in North Korea with a smart thing like a diplomat who remembered Nakano-san, spoke to me in English. I could not remember immediately but it was a familiar face. Nostalgia came up as well as the word “I negotiated in Vienna seven years ago.” I was engaged in the development of the North Korea and the Tumen River basin as an officer in the Asia-Pacific region of UNIDO with headquarters in Vienna at the time. This North Korean gentleman was Kim, the first secretary of the North Korean embassy in Vienna, who frequently visited my UN office and exchanged views on the Tumen River Development etc.
After that, I left the United Nations and was involved in the development of Northeast Asia from the Japanese side, but Mr. Kim became the UNIDO investment promotion officer from the embassy. As an officer at UNIDO Headquarters, Mr. Kim came to Rajin, Sengbong from Vienna, but he talked about forgotten each other for seven years. Of course, I talked about not only the development of the Tumen River but also the North’s missile test. Foreigners brought flowers in a constructive story under the super-national sense of unity, beyond the walls of Japan and North Korea, by having seated in a place to discuss the UN peaceful purpose of world peace It is.
● Building a network that is indispensable for analyzing the situation in North Korea
Kim’s father served the Foreign Minister of North Korea until last month, and now he is an aide of the Kim Jong Il National Defense Committee chairman and the money I was with He seems to be the most promising diplomat in the future. I happened to be responsible for North Korea as an officer of UNIDO, and I was able to build a relationship with the senior officials of the North through the United Nations, but as we continue to participate in development issues in Northeast Asia, this UN I would like to take care of my personal connections.
Many of the North Korean watchers in Japan, especially those who analyze fragments of the North Korean problem in particular, hear that North Korea can not enter the country smoothly. As a word of “seeing is believing 100 words”, in order to know the current situation of North Korea it is important to go to the site and see the site as much as possible. In addition, it will be possible to analyze more accurately North Korea situation by building a network that can negotiate.
What I felt when I was in contact with a senior official in the North during the United Nations is that the North Korean diplomat can be trained because it is beaten by the international community due to suspicion of nuclear weapons and diplomatic officials It means that sympathy will be born for the effort. I worked at a United Nations agency, a US government think tank, a local government think tank, and lived in Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States etc. for more than ten years and touched many people, but from an international perspective I think the North Korean diplomat really is excellent. Analysis of North-East Asian development, especially North Korea problem, it is important to comprehensively analyze trends of North Korea from the multilateral perspective, ie from a wide range of networks, from the United Nations, the United States, Japan, Tottori etc. Seem.

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